Easy Clean Dog Crate Review

Easy Clean Dog Crate Review

Probably everyone who has a pet has at least once encountered the issue of transporting an animal. Going to the vet, moving or even traveling to another country. In such situations, special durable dog crate for medium dogs for animals will help the owner out and create some comfortable conditions for the pet.

How to choose a carrying size?

Remember, the most important thing is that the pet is comfortable inside. It is believed that in a properly selected carrier, the animal can freely stand and turn around. If you fly by plane, be sure to check the container requirements with your airline. All MPS carry SKUDO, for example, comply with international IATA standards. As a rule, in the cabin, you can carry a carrier of size 1 and weigh up to 8 kg (carrying + animal), but different airlines may have different requirements! If you still have a puppy or kitten, it may be worthwhile to immediately buy a container “for growth” so that you can continue to use it when the pet grows up.

Comfort for the pet

Carrying is a kind of animal house for the duration of the trip. After all, each trip is associated with new smells, sounds, meetings, and species, respectively, which entails not a little stress. And it is important for a cat or dog to feel not only the owner nearby but also a solid foundation under their paws, this gives them a sense of security and comfort.

Comfort for the owner

Pet owners also experience excitement while traveling together. After all, no one knows how the pet will react when meeting strangers or other animals, and what will be the reaction, for example, to an unexpected loud sound. An animal can get scared and run away, bite or scratch its owner. And thanks to carrying, everyone will be calmer. The transportation container, if necessary, can be insulated, open or close windows for ventilation and viewing of the surrounding area by animals. You can arrange a tray and a bowl for food, water. Many carriers are equipped with special absorbent floor mats in case of unexpected “wet cases”. Windows can also be provided for the head of the animal, which will provide him with additional comfort and confidence in safety.

Such carriers are usually made of plastic

They are durable and reliable to use. Due to the strength of the walls, the dog or cat will be safe, even if something else is put on top. Hard carry, in turn, is divided into two types: Containers. As a rule, their design is prefabricated, it is split into two halves. There are a door and a handle on top. Due to the plastic material, such carriers weigh little, which is very important, especially during air travel, when you need to pay extra for each additional kilogram. Manufacturers are constantly improving them, and offer more and more convenient models, with various pockets, drawers, wheels, and pull-out handles. Thanks to what containers gain popularity among owners of pets. Basket. For such a carrier, the lid is divided into two halves that open. The covers are fixed so that the animal does not run away. Such baskets are more suitable for cats. And it is better to use them on short trips because these are just baskets and there is no way to attach a bowl to them. Also, they are not strong enough and upon impact, they may break, so it’s not worth handing over such luggage when flying.