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Avast vs Total AV: What is the Winner?

The duel of Avast vs Total AV is the battle between the old and the new ways. There are multiple factors to take into account when choosing the most suitable antivirus solution, so the new is not always better than the old. To find the winner, we’ll need to check every program separately.

Let’s check them both. Avast vs Total AV: let the best one win.


Till the late months of 2016, the leader of free antivirus solutions was Panda. Since 2017 till our days, it fell behind the experienced top-tier veteran of the industry – Avast. The company is so confident about its product, that they send the Avast Free Antivirus version to test labs, not the paid and licensed security package solutions.  

When looking at various tests and their results, Avast Free Antivirus holds the record that is pretty close to the outcomes of leading paid packages of other companies for Windows 7, 8.1 and 10. Its influence on the overall system performance is little to no.

Additionally, Avast is comfortable enough to use. However, some may argue this point because the main reason for negative feedback about Avast Free is the intrusive advertising pressure coming from those frequent pop-ups offering users to switch to the premium package. To remain unbiased, we should admit that the company fixed that issue and adjusted the frequency of ads to the acceptable level.

Beginners shouldn’t have any difficulties while using Avast Free. The interface is understandable and well-designed. New functions (both useful and not so effective ones) appear regularly. Those usually are likely to instruments that other companies might offer as paid protection add-ons. Here are some of them:

  • The opportunity to create an emergency disk to launch the system with it and scan the PC for viruses;
  • The scanner for browser add-ons and extensions – those are usual reasons for unwanted ads and popup windows to appear in browsers;
  • System optimization and cleaning, software and driver update utilities.

Total AV

The Total AV company became a sensation of the antivirus market not so long ago. The vendor is quite new but offering simple and powerful solutions influencing the PC performance minimally. Total AV is a contemporary antivirus software keeping up with the growing dominance of mobile gadgets like tablets and smartphones.

Total AV is capable of protecting your smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer or several devices at a time. The company offers affordable subscription plans working with all main OS solutions. Regardless of your needs, Total AV keeps up with top-tier apps in user comfort provision and does not go ahead in terms of a price.

Total AV monitors the system in the real-time mode to check all your downloads, links you click and files you use and work with at the particular moment. The offered level of protection is outstanding because it does not slow your PC down at all.

However, Total AV is a relatively young developer who didn’t prove their reliability in independent tests. Despite that, millions of users trust their solutions and leave positive feedback online.


Both Avast and Total AV are worth your attention. In case you prefer the time-tested option by a trusted company, choose Avast. If you don’t mind using something new and trying it out among the first customers, Total AV is also okay to protect your system.