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The types of buildings in Minecraft

Many people are fond of the plot and opportunities of the game Minecraft. Building houses in a Minecraft game is one of the most basic tasks. The dwelling provides gamers the protection, and also allows them to survive in the difficult conditions of the set of Minecraft. According to the player’s house, one can say about his financial situation, so all players are trying to build attractive and reliable shelters.

The types of buildings in Minecraft

Of course, not all the gamers have an extraordinary imagination that could help them with the design. Nevertheless, an excellent way to overcome this factor is to take real houses from life as a basis.

So, the players have an opportunity to build simple homes that do not require a lot of
efforts and resources, houses of the middle class and also high-class shelters.
Stone houses are usually built with the aid of 2-3 stacks of blocks, 20-30 blocks, glass or glass panels. It is easy to use and takes about only five or ten minutes. You need to build a kind of square block, to install glass and door. These houses have high fire resistance and durability. In contrast, it is a typical and straightforward building in Minecraft. You can also make a mechanical one at the end of construction that will look great in the game.

Players who already have some reserve of resources can build middle-class houses. Usually,
they are constructed from stones or bricks. The advantages of such dwellings are fire stability and good protection.
These houses can be usually built on a large tree, in most cases on a large oak (2 by two blocks) or a tropical tree. The stairs can be an entrance.
The advantages of building such houses are the most effective protection against mobs in Minecraft, but sometimes the construction is difficult enough.

Players who managed to collect a sufficient amount of resources can create more complicated
types, such as castles or other large scale structures. There are several advantages of building such houses, as plenty of space, almost complete survivability and a specific relation of the other players. Of course, it requires a long process of construction and a large number of resources and time.
For instance, the castle represents prosperity and wealth in Minecraft. If it is built correctly, then it is almost invulnerable. In case, if you are playing in a single game, you can download a card with a lock and enjoy it.
There is also an option for building a desert temple that is also easy to construct and the difficult of which is considered moderate. Moreover, it is a beautiful and roomy dwelling.
The core advantages of such houses are:
–          ready-made housing of a considerable size
–          there you can find a lot of values
–          there are rare blocks
–          an opportunity to shoot mobs
Among the apparent disadvantages are:
–          difficulty to see the temple
–          there is a chance to fall into the trap
–          there can be monsters inside