HTC Takes the lead With Android Phones

HTC Takes the lead With Android Phones

It appears like almost everyday we hear reviews of falling profits and large job deficits within the technology sector because the recession bites, driving lower the interest in electronic devices. Even greatly effective the likes of Microsoft, NEC and The new sony are having to cut many 1000’s of jobs. Only one company, Taiwanese cell phone vendor HTC, appears to possess bucked the popularity. Although the organization published a comparatively minor 1.3% stop by profit for 2008, the business’s headcount really elevated by 46%, driven partly by their decision to maneuver in to the Android market.

Just before developing the now greatly popular Google G1, the earth’s first Android-powered handset, HTC had launched a variety of handsets which although technically impressive, ran a comparatively cumbersome operating-system by means of Home windows Mobile.

Despite tries to enhance the consumer experience with the development of TouchFLO, their very own interface which ran on the top of Home windows Mobile, reviews were mixed and HTC just could not appear to complement Apple’s iPhone for elegance. All that altered using their decision to make use of the Android platform.

The G1 handset was launched in October 2008 like a T-Mobile exclusive having a sales forecast of just one million models by December. Through the finish from the first month, pre-order sales in america alone had arrived at 1.5 million. Several several weeks on, and according T-Mobile United kingdom, the G1 now makes up about 20% of contract sales.

Within the run-as much as the 2018 Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona, HTC was still being the only real manufacturer to possess really released an Android phone having a mobile phone network provider, and speculation was rife that lots of producers were set to announce their very own Android phones. Typically MWC would be a disappointed in connection with this except for HTC who introduced their partnership with Vodafone to produce their second Android phone, the HTC Magic. Although like the G1, the special moment is really a pure touchscreen phone as it is lost the G1’s Texting keyboard for any much sleeker and lighter design.

Based on the specifications, battery existence (a known problem with the G1) can also be enhanced having a 1340 mAh battery in comparison to the G1’s 1150 mAh. When the G1 is anything to put into practice, the HTC Magic is for certain to become a level bigger champion and when again HTC, using its wealthy heritage of device ?firsts?, is leading the area, departing other vendors to experience catch-up. 2009 is certainly the year from the Android phone as producers like LG and Samsung have indicated they?re delivering phones around the platform this season.

There might be also some surprises by means of phones from Dell and Acer but many of that’s speculation at this time. Regardless of the situation, HTC remains the organization to look at as skillfully developed expect another 4 Android phones from their store this season so while there might not be much to select from at this time, inside a couple of several weeks i will be spoilt for choice.