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Best free VPN for torrenting

The list of best free VPN for torrenting

To begin with, torrents are used to distribute a variety of files, such as movies, TV shows, various games, different kinds of programs and applications.
Because in many countries, access to torrent sites is blocked, there is a VPN service which will allow users to make this access available. Check great reviews from this list:

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best VPN for IOS

If a user lives in one of the countries where this site is blocked, it means that he cannot just download torrents from there. When a user uses a VPN service, his Internet provider does not see which sites he visits. In such a way, he can bypass these restrictions.
A good VPN service does not only allow protecting your device from government spies but also protecting from hackers. The practical part of the network encrypts all data sent from your computer, that is very important for ensuring the security of this data, primarily when you use public Wi-Fi access points.
What is a list of best free VPN for torrenting?

Nowadays, the Internet market offers numerous free VPN services, but not all from them are popular with users.

1        Express VPN

There are several positive elements of using Express VPN, including the following:
–          This service supports file sharing via P2P protocol and certainly works with torrents.
–          It is characterized by extremely high connection speed.
–          This service does not keep logs, so you can download torrents and not be afraid.
–          Thanks to the high-quality encryption, your data will be protected.

2        Nord VPN

The next popular VPN service is Nord, which has the upcoming features:
–          Some servers support P2P
–          High connection speed and high file download speed
–          It supports various protocols, and it all depends on your requirements.
–          This service does not keep logs, so you can easily download torrents and not worry about anything
–          For those who need complete anonymity, it accepts payment by bitcoins

3        VPNArea

This service is on the list of most famous VPN service, but it has 209 servers around the world.
It is a free program that provides security when connecting to open Wi-Fi access points.

4        Hotspot Shield

When encrypting all outgoing and incoming packets, it creates a virtual VPN network between a user’s PC and a hot spot. The connection is established with one of the many servers of the company installed around the world, which assign the user a temporary IP address. For additional protection, the HTTPS protocol is used, which allows you to preserve the privacy and anonymity of the user when using unprotected access points.
The main characteristic of Hotspot Shield:
– Ensuring anonymity and privacy when connecting to wireless access points.
– Encryption of incoming and outgoing traffic.
– Protection against hackers when using unprotected hotspots.
– Small program size and ease of installation.
– Multilingual interface.
– Regular program updates.
– Automatic selection of the optimal server to connect.


It is a VPN service for deploying an encrypted network that allows you to maintain complete anonymity when you are on the Internet and bypass the lock set by service providers. The instruments Trust. The zone can be automatically connected to one of the 128 servers in different countries. In addition to this, the program supports the possibility of manual selection of a remote node.
So, the essential features of Trust. Zone VPN are:
–          organization of a secure VPN network;
–          connection to 128 servers in more than 20 countries;
–          automatic connection setup;
–          blocking the link in case of a server crash;
–          VPN port selection.